Wordle your CV

Out of curiosity, I have Wordled my curriculum vitae.

Are you a passion fruit?

Does your cover letter or LinkedIn profile state that you are passionate about [name some work-related activity here]?

Mine does not.

Quite simply because I am not passionate about business analysis. Dedicated? Yes. Keen to share my experiences? Certainly. Enthusiatic to learn more? Definitely. Passionate? Nope.

If […]

Do you even know what a BA does?

LinkedIn likes to let me know about jobs that match my profile, but it seems to do it simply on the basis that I live in Madrid, so most of them are of no interest whatsoever.

However, although I am not looking for a permanent position, if a vacancy for a […]

LinkedIn rudeness

Why do people send contact requests on LinkedIn without the courtesy of a personal message?

If you don’t know me, why would you not introduce yourself?

If you know me, why would you not include a personal message?

If you knew me years ago, why would you not take a moment to remind me?

Sending […]

Analysts should be more like women

Male analysts should be more like women, that is.

When a woman listens to another woman’s problems, she lends a sympathetic ear and actually comes to understand the problem.

When a man listens to a woman’s problems, he is rarely actually listening. Rather he is trying to figure out […]

Son of The Curse of the Blackberry

The Blackberry is supposedly a great communications tool of the 21st century.

The truth is that it is not a communications tool. It is a distraction device. This device is the solution that to allows us to receive our emails wherever we are, whenever we are. But what was the need that required this solution? […]

Can you hear the violins?

There seems to be very little in the modern world that encourages us to stop and listen to the violin.

Our politicians tell us that incessant growth is good, when nature tells us that incessant growth is, well, unnatural. At work we misuse the word “deadline” to overemphasise the importance of […]

Learning from mistakes

Here is a very interesting TED talk by Diana Laufenberg on the importance of teaching children to learn from mistakes.

Wouldn’t it be great if people in business did the same?

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” From Worstward Ho by Samuel Beckett


Reality check – Part 2

Here is a fabulous animation from RSA Animate, illustrating a talk by author Barbara Ehrenreich on how positive thinking can be delusional and harmful.

She basically says what I said in “Reality check“, but with more eloquence and concrete examples. I dislike her already. Applause to the cartoonist also.

Thanks to my friend Rowan Manahan […]

The wisdom of a CEO

A friend told me the other day that at a company meeting, the directors of the company brought up the subject of work-life balance.

It seems they were getting tired of the scales being tipped strongly in favour of work.

The CEO’s response?

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