Job hunting tip #1

Insultant Rowan Manahan has a meme on his excellent blog.

He has asked people to write a post offering a job hunting tip. He calls it the Definitive Guide to Clearing Job-Hunt Hurdles. As I have some experience running recruitment programmes for large IT companies, I thought I would post a […]

Four monkeys

Does your organisation have a process or a behaviour which you cannot explain? When updating your IT systems, do you insist on replicating those processes within the new solution, even though there is no benefit to your business? Do you continue to do things the same way because “it has always been done […]

What is a requirement?

What is a requirement? If you check any English dictionary, you will probably find a definition along the lines of “something wanted or needed“.

But what is a requirement within the context of software development? You could argue it is whatever the customer wants and is willing to pay for and […]

Half way there… so far, so good

As it’s my birthday, I thought I would kick off this blog by paying a small tribute to my family and give you some idea of how I have changed over the years. Although this is meant to be a business analysis blog, the fact is that I would not be where I […]