Job hunting tip #8

I am helping a friend prepare for a job interview at the moment. During our roleplay, I asked him the following question:

“Why did you leave your last job?”

He proceeded to tell me what he did in his last job and what he is doing now (more on […]

Job hunting tip #7

A friend of mine was recently asked the following question:

Are you planning to have kids?

A personal question, to be sure, but not particularly worrying or intrusive. Unless you are in a job interview. Yes, indeed, my friend was asked that question in a job interview in the European Union […]

Job hunting tip #6

Further to Insultant Rowan Manahan‘s Definitive Job-hunt, I thought I would offer another tip.

Many companies haven’t the first notion how to interview you, but often the only clue you will get about how they intend to treat you as an employee is how they treat you as an interview candidate. […]

Job hunting tip #4

Although Rowan Manahan largely deals with high-flyers in his insultancy work, I know most of his advice is just as relevant to those seeking the most humble of jobs, so I don’t think he’ll mind my offering this tip for his Definitive Job-hunt.

I was working in London on an assignment […]

Job hunting tip #5

Although today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day and although I consider a sense of humour to be a key ingredient in workplace morale, if you do have an interview today, it might be best not to talk like a pirate during the interview*.

Interviewer: So tell me why you […]

Job hunting tip #3

Here are some further thoughts on Rowan Manahan’s Definitive Job-Hunt:

If you’ve never been a recruiter or an interviewer, you haven’t experienced the irritation of having a candidate show up late or not show up at all. Here are some of the reasons I’ve heard (I’m being polite by not calling […]

Job hunting tip #2

OK, so Rowan Manahan only asked for one tip on his blog (see Definitive Job-Hunt) but I don’t care, I’m giving you another one!

Here’s a question you might well be asked in an interview: “Why do you want this job?”

Note the pronoun: “this”.

Not “a”.


During my time in recruitment, it amazed […]

Job hunting tip #1

Insultant Rowan Manahan has a meme on his excellent blog.

He has asked people to write a post offering a job hunting tip. He calls it the Definitive Guide to Clearing Job-Hunt Hurdles. As I have some experience running recruitment programmes for large IT companies, I thought I would post a […]