Apostrophe error’s

What is it about the apostrophe that make’s people want to throw it in any time they see the letter s at the end of a word?

Its common enough to see so-called “grocers apostrophe’s” in shop’s, but why is it that TV company’s let semi-literate people compose […]

Job hunting tip #5

Although today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day and although I consider a sense of humour to be a key ingredient in workplace morale, if you do have an interview today, it might be best not to talk like a pirate during the interview*.

Interviewer: So tell me why you […]

The customer isn’t the only consumer

It is all too common for analysts to submit their artefacts only for customer review.

Certainly, the business SMEs have to confirm that the business analysis artefacts accurately reflect their business model and that the requirements artefacts accurately represent their business needs.

However, the business customer is often not […]

It all ended in tears

The first Hallowe’en I can remember was when I was five years of age.

I asked my father to bring me home a mask. What type of mask did I want? A “scary” mask, I told him. That evening my father arrived home with a brown paper bag. I was all excited until I saw […]