The Messiah Contract paperback proof

This still has absolutely nothing to do with business analysis, but I have just received the proofs of The Messiah Contract in paperback form.

Assuming I don’t find any errors, I should have it for sale on within a few days.

Yes, I know that self-publishing is also […]

My tensions are flaring

More spoutings from semi-literate journalists.

Coalition tensions flare over immigration

People at Reuters: tempers flare, tensions build.

Seriously, how hard is it for professional journalists to write well?

The Messiah Contract

This has absolutely nothing to do with business analysis, but my novel “The Messiah Contract” is now available for the Kindle on Amazon.

God, guns, Triads, Death, the Devil, the Mafia, the police, a beautiful doctor and one very confused assassin. Adam King, the world’s second-best hit-man, accepts a contract to […]

What do you infer from this?


‘Infer’ is to ‘Hear’ as ‘Imply’ is to ‘Say’.

“With the logo changed to infer that the website was founded in 1911…” The Telegraph

You do not infer anything by what you say or write, you imply it. It is up to the listener or the reader to make their own inference.

By this […]