Use Cases in PRPC – Part 3

Continuing on from Use Cases in PRPC – Part 2, the following tables will give Pega Business Architects an idea of how to use PRPC’s “Use Case Rule” to capture details about your Software Use Case.


Use Cases in PRPC – Part 2

In Part 1, we took a look at Pega’s definition of a Use Case and what the Application Profile Wizard allows Pega Business Architects to capture. In Part 2, we shall now take a look at four different types of Use Case and how they relate to PRPC.

Business Use Case […]

If you think you have excellent communication skills…

I am willing to bet that in the business world, at least, everyone puts on their CV (resumé) that they have excellent communication skills. They can’t all be right.

If you think you have excellent communication skills but you put your personal details at the top of your CV (resumé), think again. If […]

Businesses, you may need to fire some of your recruitment agencies

I am frequently contacted by recruitment agents who claim to have read my profile.

Today one contacted me with a job which the agent claimed matched my profile. The following are the mandatory skills. I have crossed out the ones I don’t have:

Certified System Architect on Pega PRPC V 5.x […]

Explore the underlying business need

On so many projects, I have seen software developers thrown into meetings with the business SMEs with the task of understanding the “requirements”.

On some occasions I have been delighted to see developers with the ability and techniques that truly enable them to think in terms of business needs. Mostly, however, […]