A Tale of two Projects

A Tale Of Two Projects

View more OpenOffice presentations from DeclanChellar. […]

Limiting the length of a requirement

Adam Feldman of Bright Green Projects has an interesting discussion on whether to limit the number of characters available for composing a requirement within a requirements tool.

Pop over to Adam’s blog and have a look.



RAF data loss update

Further to yesterday’s post about data loss, it turns out (according to the Mail Online) that the data was stored not on CDs which went missing, but on hard drives which were stolen from a cupboard in a supposedly secure area.

A logging system would not have prevented that, of course, […]

Data loss: it’s an attitude

I have just read on the BBC news website that another UK state body has lost media containing sensitive data.

It's not hard to log this transaction

In this case it is the Royal Air Force.

I don’t understand this. In all the cases of data […]

Process Exercise: 5/6

In Part 4 we drew both high level and low level versions of the To Be model of our customer’s change control process, based on the information we noted in Part 3.

We are now ready to drive out and document high level system requirements (HLSRs). It is […]

In my humble opinion…

Just as there is no single definition of what business analysis is, there is no one notion of what attributes a business analyst should have, so I thought I would write a series of short posts putting forward what I think makes a business analyst.

You will notice that I said […]

An overview of stakeholder analysis

I have been asked to write a little more about stakeholders. In an earlier post I talked about why stakeholder management is important, but before you can have a stakeholder management plan you have to understand your stakeholders and for that you need to do stakeholder analysis.

You could say that […]

Design up front or let your architecture emerge?

Colart Miles over at Business Analysis Diaries asked:

“What’s the best philosophy for an Enterprise Architect… Design upfront or let your architecture emerge?”

Colart asked the question in the context of a project which was to use Pegasystems’ PRPC. You can click on the link to his blog above […]

Pause for thought…

… because as analysts, the time we take to reflect is as important as the time we spend drawing models.

Analysts writing testing specifications

I recently asked the following question of fellow members of the International Institute of Business Analysis:“Should the analysts who produce the requirements specifications also write the testing specifications?”

By “testing” here I mean system testing and user acceptance testing. My own opinion is that ideally they should not. My reasoning is […]