8 Simple Rules for Recruitment Agencies

Most of you who work in the world of software development are used to being contacted out of the blue by recruitment agencies.

I used to run a recruitment programme for a solutions provider, so I have dealt with agencies as a recruiter and as a job-seeker. Some are very good […]

Is “Business Analyst” a Job Role Facing Extinction? NO!

Is “Business Analyst” a Job Role Facing Extinction? I keep seeing this question popping up on discussion forums and it is getting tiresome.

I find the question naïve and the following was my answer to a thread on LinkedIn today:

Business analysis is an essential skill in any change […]

What is the business benefit?

As an analyst, it’s not enough to know what your customer wants. It is essential to unearth what the customer needs and how the customer’s business will benefit by fulfilling that need.

Customers are often the last to understand what their business truly needs, even when they have a clear idea […]

Son of The Curse of the Blackberry

The Blackberry is supposedly a great communications tool of the 21st century.

The truth is that it is not a communications tool. It is a distraction device. This device is the solution that to allows us to receive our emails wherever we are, whenever we are. But what was the need that required this solution? […]

How Carrefour sells you customised greetings cards

A photographer friend recently took some pictures of Gema and myself and the CD arrived yesterday.

I had been eagerly awaiting the CD because I wanted to have customised New Year greeting cards done with a photo of the two of us. I duly took the CD to my local Carrefour […]

Reality check

I am a great believer in facing up to reality, regardless of the pain involved. I don’t know whether it is my experience as a senior business analyst or my character or both that causes me to step in from time to time and say: “Stop! Time for a reality check!”

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What does a leader look like?

Which of the following two profiles do you think matches what a leader should be and which matches what leaders generally are in reality?

Profile A Profile B Is likely to be male. Has a “Can do” attitude, to the extent that he never challenges the status quo. Makes promises based on aspirations and expects […]

To meet or not to meet?

Hands up anyone who has been invited to a meeting, spent an hour or more listening to someone drone on (or worse, sat through Death by Powerpoint), only to wonder why you had been invited in the first place. Oh, look! All of you.

MS Outlook allows you to indicate whether […]

Why do people want change when things are fine already?

A former colleague posted that question in Facebook today.

My response was:

Because many people care more about leaving their stamp than about achieving the strategic goal. To such people, the lack of an “I” in “We succeeded” is unbearable. They would rather say: “I succeeded even though the […]

Technology is not always the answer…

As a business analyst, my job is largely to help a business define and document its needs, usually so that those needs can be satisfied by technology. However, if we assume that technology is always the answer, we might find ourselves overlooking other solutions that might satisfy the business needs more quickly and […]