Tools are not skills

I’ve read a lot of CVs (resumés) presented by people who are looking for work as business analysts.

It always surprises me (I guess it shouldn’t at this stage) that when they list their skills, they almost never list the kinds of technique you might find in the BABOK; rather, they list the tools they […]

What’s the difference between analysis and design?

Over the years I have been asked to participate in interviews where the candidate claimed to have analysis experience.

Sometimes the candidates were being interviewed for analysis roles, but often they were programming roles, but the candidate claimed to have significant analysis skills. My job was to test the validity of […]

Using Wordle to filter CVs

I have been reviewing CVs (resumés) for a client. The vacancy is for a Senior Business Analyst in the Pega domain. During the course of reading the CVs, I noticed that many of them, while they used the phrase “business analysis” throughout, had few or no examples of any tasks or achievements that […]

Interviewing Business Analysts

Someone recently asked the following questions on the IIBA discussion forum on LinkedIn:

What recruitment procedure is to be followed to identify real BA competencies? Are 15 minutes presentation and 15 minutes group interview enough? Is there any best practice BA selection procedure?

For your consideration, here is the […]

What is the business benefit?

As an analyst, it’s not enough to know what your customer wants. It is essential to unearth what the customer needs and how the customer’s business will benefit by fulfilling that need.

Customers are often the last to understand what their business truly needs, even when they have a clear idea […]

Do you even know what a BA does?

LinkedIn likes to let me know about jobs that match my profile, but it seems to do it simply on the basis that I live in Madrid, so most of them are of no interest whatsoever.

However, although I am not looking for a permanent position, if a vacancy for a […]

Analysts should be more like women

Male analysts should be more like women, that is.

When a woman listens to another woman’s problems, she lends a sympathetic ear and actually comes to understand the problem.

When a man listens to a woman’s problems, he is rarely actually listening. Rather he is trying to figure out […]

Learning from mistakes

Here is a very interesting TED talk by Diana Laufenberg on the importance of teaching children to learn from mistakes.

Wouldn’t it be great if people in business did the same?

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” From Worstward Ho by Samuel Beckett


Showing some backbone…

In a previous post I said that humility was one of the attributes business analysts should have. But analysts also need to be courageous, especially if they are to fulfil the role of Requirements Manager.

Analysts who say “yes” to every request can be the ruination of a project. Such acquiescence […]

A word on adjusting diagrams

You may have noticed the emphasis I place on visual modelling, which is fancy for “drawing pictures”.

People can relate to pictures better than text in many contexts. Can you imagine an architect trying to document his building design textually?

Flexibility and strength must always […]