Amongst our business rules are… I’ll come in again

Business rules are key to the efficient and flexible functioning of BPM systems, but what should the analyst do when the Business does not know what the rules are?

Wait a moment! Surely the Business always knows what its own rules are. Not necessarily. Businesses often have to respond quickly to […]

Personal isolationism

In the current economic climate, countries may be tempted to engage in isolationism, but there is also a personal form of isolationism which we ought to avoid.

It's easy to ignore someone who is just trying to do a job

I was walking down a city street the […]

Morale is a trinity

I suspect morale is going to be a hot topic in the workplace in 2009 and I imagine the usual suspects will be blamed.

Fear of redundancy, poor leadership, pay freezes, budget cutbacks, lack of advancement are some of the key factors.

Employees often put the onus on the […]

Who holds the stake?

On any project, it is important to understand who the stakeholders are, what the nature of their stake is and what effect they are likely to have on the project.

No, not this kind of stake holder.

And by “stakeholder“, of course, I don’t mean Buffy the Vampire […]