When do you say “No” to a customer?

When do you say “No” to a customer? This is a question a reader of this blog asked me in an e-mail recently.

We are all familiar with the phrase “The customer is always right”, but well all know that the customer is sometimes wrong. It is likely, therefore, that at […]

An overview of stakeholder analysis

I have been asked to write a little more about stakeholders. In an earlier post I talked about why stakeholder management is important, but before you can have a stakeholder management plan you have to understand your stakeholders and for that you need to do stakeholder analysis.

You could say that […]

Who holds the stake?

On any project, it is important to understand who the stakeholders are, what the nature of their stake is and what effect they are likely to have on the project.

No, not this kind of stake holder.

And by “stakeholder“, of course, I don’t mean Buffy the Vampire […]