Why do people want change when things are fine already?

A former colleague posted that question in Facebook today.

My response was:

Because many people care more about leaving their stamp than about achieving the strategic goal. To such people, the lack of an “I” in “We succeeded” is unbearable. They would rather say: “I succeeded even though the […]

I have said it before

And I’ll say it again.

Spelling and punctuation are important. When you make mistakes, people tend to focus more on your lack of literacy than on your message.

Nobody cares what this guy's original message was.


Networking: how not to do it

Networking is important in business, but it amazes me how clumsy some people’s attempts at networking are.

Case 1 Not long ago a business contact of my wife’s asked if she could help her husband get work, as he had just lost his job. My wife put his CV (resumé) about […]