Are you a passion fruit?

Does your cover letter or LinkedIn profile state that you are passionate about [name some work-related activity here]?

Mine does not.

Quite simply because I am not passionate about business analysis. Dedicated? Yes. Keen to share my experiences? Certainly. Enthusiatic to learn more? Definitely. Passionate? Nope.

If […]

The Messiah Contract

This has absolutely nothing to do with business analysis, but my novel “The Messiah Contract” is now available for the Kindle on Amazon.

God, guns, Triads, Death, the Devil, the Mafia, the police, a beautiful doctor and one very confused assassin. Adam King, the world’s second-best hit-man, accepts a contract to […]

Resistance is futile!

Every day we are provided with new technology to aid us in the workplace, so if you haven’t got one of these for your smart phone, you are behind the curve!

Demetri Martin’s findings

Every project needs the perspective of Demetri Martin. Demetri Martin – Findings Futurama New Episodes Funny Demon Zombie TV Show Funny TV Comedy Blog […]

Reality check

I am a great believer in facing up to reality, regardless of the pain involved. I don’t know whether it is my experience as a senior business analyst or my character or both that causes me to step in from time to time and say: “Stop! Time for a reality check!”

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No favourites

To the people who think up security questions for web sites:

I do not have a favourite actor / musician / artist. If I pick one just for the sake of it, I will not remember my choice when I have to answer the security question.

I did not have a favourite place to visit […]

I have said it before

And I’ll say it again.

Spelling and punctuation are important. When you make mistakes, people tend to focus more on your lack of literacy than on your message.

Nobody cares what this guy's original message was.


Technology is not always the answer…

As a business analyst, my job is largely to help a business define and document its needs, usually so that those needs can be satisfied by technology. However, if we assume that technology is always the answer, we might find ourselves overlooking other solutions that might satisfy the business needs more quickly and […]

A Tale of two Projects

A Tale Of Two Projects

View more OpenOffice presentations from DeclanChellar. […]

Developers, I feel your pain

I do try my best to help minimise it.