No favourites

To the people who think up security questions for web sites:

I do not have a favourite actor / musician / artist. If I pick one just for the sake of it, I will not remember my choice when I have to answer the security question.

I did not have a favourite place to visit as a child.

I do not have a favourite song and even if I did, it would probably have changed by the time I have to answer the security question.

Nor do I have a favourite book, even though I have an extensive library.

I don’t remember what was my most memorable gift as a child.

Nor do I remember my first toy animal.

I don’t follow sport, so I don’t have a favourite athlete.

I have never been married, so I don’t know the first and last name of the best man at my wedding.

In fairness, I do remember the name of the first company I worked for.

While I like food, I don’t have one particular favourite and even if I did, it might change before I ever needed to use answer a security question.

As for my dream occupation, it certainly is not thinking up security questions.

What I do remember, is my password! So please stop making it mandatory to select a security question!

Kind regards,

Declan Chellar

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