Job hunting tip #6

Further to Insultant Rowan Manahan‘s Definitive Job-hunt, I thought I would offer another tip.

Many companies haven’t the first notion how to interview you, but often the only clue you will get about how they intend to treat you as an employee is how they treat you as an interview candidate. […]

The cost of bad punctuation

I have worked in the IT industry for twelve years and before that I taught English as a foreign language for eight years.

During my first months in IT, I was sent on a two-day course on presentation skills. At the end of the course, everyone had to prepare and deliver […]

Job hunting tip #4

Although Rowan Manahan largely deals with high-flyers in his insultancy work, I know most of his advice is just as relevant to those seeking the most humble of jobs, so I don’t think he’ll mind my offering this tip for his Definitive Job-hunt.

I was working in London on an assignment […]