Are you a passion fruit?

Does your cover letter or LinkedIn profile state that you are passionate about [name some work-related activity here]?

Mine does not.

Quite simply because I am not passionate about business analysis. Dedicated? Yes. Keen to share my experiences? Certainly. Enthusiatic to learn more? Definitely. Passionate? Nope.

If […]

I have said it before

And I’ll say it again.

Spelling and punctuation are important. When you make mistakes, people tend to focus more on your lack of literacy than on your message.

Nobody cares what this guy's original message was.


The cost of bad punctuation

I have worked in the IT industry for twelve years and before that I taught English as a foreign language for eight years.

During my first months in IT, I was sent on a two-day course on presentation skills. At the end of the course, everyone had to prepare and deliver […]

Apostrophe error’s

What is it about the apostrophe that make’s people want to throw it in any time they see the letter s at the end of a word?

Its common enough to see so-called “grocers apostrophe’s” in shop’s, but why is it that TV company’s let semi-literate people compose […]

It all ended in tears

The first Hallowe’en I can remember was when I was five years of age.

I asked my father to bring me home a mask. What type of mask did I want? A “scary” mask, I told him. That evening my father arrived home with a brown paper bag. I was all excited until I saw […]