Apostrophe error’s

What is it about the apostrophe that make’s people want to throw it in any time they see the letter s at the end of a word?

The Apostrophe Die's Hard

Its common enough to see so-called “grocers apostrophe’s” in shop’s, but why is it that TV company’s let semi-literate people compose text that is going to appear on screen?

Just to make it clear, the plural of “hero” is “heroes”:

This really spoiled my enjoyment of ITVs showing of “Die Hard”.

Its just as bad in business when e-mail’s and document’s contain punctuation error’s.

If you dont think this really matters that much, then perhaps you dont produce the written word in the course of you’re work. How professional does the language in this post look to you?.

Some argue, however, that we should keep thing’s simple by eliminating use of the apostophe altogether. Perhap’s it’s time has indeed come.


  • Coming across in your work as semi-literate is a bad thing.

Kind regards,

Declan Chellar

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  • Paraic Hegarty

    Indeed, a number of UK Councils are eliminating them from road and street names. However, there must be some convention for distinguishing between King’s and Kings’, for example…

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