Job hunting tip #4

Although Rowan Manahan largely deals with high-flyers in his insultancy work, I know most of his advice is just as relevant to those seeking the most humble of jobs, so I don’t think he’ll mind my offering this tip for his Definitive Job-hunt.

I was working in London on an assignment one summer and as I checked out of my hotel on the last day, a young woman approached reception dressed in jeans, a halter top and flip-flops. She talked to the duty manager and handed him a sheet of paper. I realised she was doing the rounds, looking for work.

We happened to head out the door at the same time, so I tipped my head towards her and asked if she would mind my offering her a job-hunting tip. She said she wouldn’t.

So here’s the tip:

When you are doing the rounds, handing out your CV and enquiring about work, dress as you would for the actual interview.

Firstly, you might well be talking to the person who does the hiring. Secondly, hardly anyone else will bother, so you will stand out as a serious professional from the outset.

Kind regards,

Declan Chellar

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