Use Cases in PRPC – Part 1

Use Cases are a key concept Pega Business Architects should understand if they are planning to use PRPC’s Application Profile Wizard.

If you are familiar with UML, Pega’s notion of a Use Case might confuse you at first. It is important to distinguish between a “Use Case Rule” (which is a […]

PRPC Case Types

Case Types are a key element in Pega BPM development and it is important for Pega Business Architects to have an understanding of them.

Case Type is what Pega used to call a Work Type prior to Pega 7. Although the Type is a Pega implementation device, the concept also has […]

Business Rules versus Acceptance Criteria

Update: This post is from April 2012 and has been superseded by one from July 2016: Decision models, user stories and acceptance criteria

One of my readers contacted me recently to ask whether business rules and user story acceptance criteria could be considered the same thing.

Acceptance criteria are […]