A word on adjusting diagrams

You may have noticed the emphasis I place on visual modelling, which is fancy for “drawing pictures”.

People can relate to pictures better than text in many contexts. Can you imagine an architect trying to document his building design textually?

Flexibility and strength must always […]

CC Fever

When you join a project as a business analyst, I think it’s useful to note the extent to which people in the customer’s organisation copy others unnecessarily on e-mails. I am sure many of you, if not most, have been on projects where everyone gets copied on everything. What does that suggest?

Lean Use Cases: Part 1

Use cases are a good mechanism for modelling functional requirements. However, I have met many skilled developers in the BPM world who disdain them and I think I know why.

Use cases were invented for Object Oriented development using an OO programming language and so have certain characteristics that facilitate that […]