8 Simple Rules for Recruitment Agencies

Most of you who work in the world of software development are used to being contacted out of the blue by recruitment agencies.

I used to run a recruitment programme for a solutions provider, so I have dealt with agencies as a recruiter and as a job-seeker. Some are very good […]

Tracing Data Requirements

Just as functional requirements are traced from business need to implementation, data requirements should be traced to eliminate redundancy and ensure coverage.

The following slideshow lays out my procedure for tracing data requirements.

Tracing Data Requirements

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Scope definition

It continues to amaze me how many projects proceed against a poorly-written scope document or no scope document at all.

It also makes me wonder on what basis tenders are made. If I am ever asked to provide input input work estimation, I insist on seeing a baselined statement of scope […]


I have found that people, from business SMEs to software developers, often confuse triggers and pre-conditions.

Whether you are producing a business activity model, a process model (business use case) or a software use case, both concepts are relevant and the distinction is important. It is also important to be able […]

Don’t be a helicopter leader

Have you heard the term “helicopter parent“?

Well, I try not to be a “helicopter leader” (although I am sure I don’t always succeed). When mentoring a team of people, it can be tempting to do things for them if they aren’t getting things perfectly right, but that can distract you […]