The Messiah Contract paperback proof

This still has absolutely nothing to do with business analysis, but I have just received the proofs of The Messiah Contract in paperback form.

Assuming I don’t find any errors, I should have it for sale on within a few days.

Yes, I know that self-publishing is also known as vanity publishing and that for every good writer there are a thousand more who only think they are good. Am I that one or am I one of the thousand? The market will soon let me know.

In the meantime here is a list of famous, self-published authors.

The Messiah Contract

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1 comment to The Messiah Contract paperback proof

  • Visitor

    Fantastic work! It exists in book form!

    Forget about the “vanity publishing” aspect – you are a literary entrepeneur.
    You are running your own business now. 🙂

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