Requirements vs Design

Scott Sehlhorst (@sehlhorst) has written an excellent article titled Requirements vs Design – Which is Which and Why? Some of my own thoughts are in this post, but read Scott’s article first to get the context.

Scott seems to gather the problems a business sees with its current model (e.g., […]

What’s the difference between analysis and design?

Over the years I have been asked to participate in interviews where the candidate claimed to have analysis experience.

Sometimes the candidates were being interviewed for analysis roles, but often they were programming roles, but the candidate claimed to have significant analysis skills. My job was to test the validity of […]

Using Wordle to filter CVs

I have been reviewing CVs (resumés) for a client. The vacancy is for a Senior Business Analyst in the Pega domain. During the course of reading the CVs, I noticed that many of them, while they used the phrase “business analysis” throughout, had few or no examples of any tasks or achievements that […]

Wordle your CV

Out of curiosity, I have Wordled my curriculum vitae.

Interviewing Business Analysts

Someone recently asked the following questions on the IIBA discussion forum on LinkedIn:

What recruitment procedure is to be followed to identify real BA competencies? Are 15 minutes presentation and 15 minutes group interview enough? Is there any best practice BA selection procedure?

For your consideration, here is the […]

Is “Business Analyst” a Job Role Facing Extinction? NO!

Is “Business Analyst” a Job Role Facing Extinction? I keep seeing this question popping up on discussion forums and it is getting tiresome.

I find the question naïve and the following was my answer to a thread on LinkedIn today:

Business analysis is an essential skill in any change […]


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Business Rules versus Acceptance Criteria

Update: This post is from April 2012 and has been superseded by one from July 2016: Decision models, user stories and acceptance criteria

One of my readers contacted me recently to ask whether business rules and user story acceptance criteria could be considered the same thing.

Acceptance criteria are […]

Are you a passion fruit?

Does your cover letter or LinkedIn profile state that you are passionate about [name some work-related activity here]?

Mine does not.

Quite simply because I am not passionate about business analysis. Dedicated? Yes. Keen to share my experiences? Certainly. Enthusiatic to learn more? Definitely. Passionate? Nope.

If […]

What is the business benefit?

As an analyst, it’s not enough to know what your customer wants. It is essential to unearth what the customer needs and how the customer’s business will benefit by fulfilling that need.

Customers are often the last to understand what their business truly needs, even when they have a clear idea […]