The Devil is in the Powerpoint detail

It seems nowadays that when anyone in business wants to communicate a lot of detailed information, they gather a bunch of people in a room and read the information to them off Powerpoint slides.

And to judge by the number of seasoned business professionals who choose to communicate detail in this […]

How do you explain re-use?

I was taken aback recently when someone told me they didn’t understand the concept of re-use.

You see, when I started out in software development, I was taught this concept, so I cannot imagine a world without it. Of course, I am not insensitive to other people’s situations, so I understand […]

How do you make sausages?

Wrong answer!

We don’t care.

That is, presenting Yoda Rowan Manahan (to whom I am a mere presenting padawan) and I don’t care.

Rowan explains why in an excellent post titled “I don’t care how you make the sausages“.

“Hhhmm… Bullet points…. Harrumph… Generic graphics… A presenting Jedi seeks not these things.”


Nobody cares!

Powerpoint slides get busy enough without your adding your corporate background and logo.

So why do you do it?

It’s bad enough when a client insists I write reports in Powerpoint instead of Word, thus forcing me to jam information into a highly […]