The Devil is in the Powerpoint detail

It seems nowadays that when anyone in business wants to communicate a lot of detailed information, they gather a bunch of people in a room and read the information to them off Powerpoint slides.

And to judge by the number of seasoned business professionals who choose to communicate detail in this way, it must be the best way to do it. If only my lecturers at university had had Powerpoint! I would have learned so much more if, for example, instead of getting us to read Homer at home and then discuss themes, imagery, characterisation, etc., in class, Mr. O’Nolan had read out the verses in bullet-point form from Powerpoint slides.

How foolish it is to expect university students or business professionals to be able to read to themselves!

And educational opportunity missed because we were born too soon.

For your edification, I present Book 1 of Homer’s Iliad, as it should have been presented to me in lectures, as most business professionals would present it to you nowadays. For the full effect, have someone with an awful, dreary, monotonous voice read it to you in a stuffy room after a heavy lunch.

Seriously though, if you read out text to me during a presentation, you run the risk of being spattered with blood when I apply a shard of glass to my throat.

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