Nobody cares!

Powerpoint slides get busy enough without your adding your corporate background and logo.

So why do you do it?

It’s bad enough when a client insists I write reports in Powerpoint instead of Word, thus forcing me to jam information into a highly restricted space, but I have worked for clients where as much as 25% of the slide space is taken up with branding.

The first slide is the only appropriate place for all the corporate badgery.

Do you know why?

  • Because your audience is all that matters when you deliver a presentation and your audience does not care about the corporate badgery.
  • Because CONTENT is what matters in a presentation, not visually-distracting, space-taking corporate egotism.

There is only one exception to this rule:

  • When you are presenting to the corporate branding team responsible for all this nonsense, then fill each slide with nothing but livery. It will serve them right.

I refer you now to my friend, presenting mentor, and all-round Magnificent chap, Rowan Manahan.

1 comment to Nobody cares!

  • wychwood

    *LOL*. Those screenshots are hilarious!

    I dare you to use them as Xmas cards for your colleagues!

    *still chuckling while wandering off to continue webwork…*

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