Daniel Pink on the science of motivation (TED)

This will catch a lot of people by surprise in the business world, particularly the world in which I move, where cognitive skill (watch out for that phrase in the video) is vital.

Key points:

“There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does” People need autonomy, mastery […]

A Tale of two Projects

A Tale Of Two Projects

View more OpenOffice presentations from DeclanChellar. […]

RAF data loss update

Further to yesterday’s post about data loss, it turns out (according to the Mail Online) that the data was stored not on CDs which went missing, but on hard drives which were stolen from a cupboard in a supposedly secure area.

A logging system would not have prevented that, of course, […]

Data loss: it’s an attitude

I have just read on the BBC news website that another UK state body has lost media containing sensitive data.

It's not hard to log this transaction

In this case it is the Royal Air Force.

I don’t understand this. In all the cases of data […]

Controlling change

I was between two minds about writing this post. After all, everyone knows that change control is important, don’t they? Then I remembered a couple of interesting cases where people did not seem to know that.

In one case, a junior programmer had developed a very good rapport with one of […]

Kicking the walls

Don't make me start kicking the walls!

Years ago I was in a martial arts club in University College Dublin. My friends and I practised a form of Chinese martial arts which involves moves which, to the uninitiated, can seem pointless and somewhat silly.

One day we were […]


In this, the year of world-wide recession and the bicentennial year of the birth of Charles Darwin, let us all remember that “survival of the fittest” does not mean “survival of the strongest”.

It means: “survival of the most adaptable”.

By the way, I am aware that it was […]

Balancing act

The most important task of a requirements manager is to control the scope of a software project, but sometimes it can be a case of divided loyalties.

A requirements manager is sometimes employed by the company developing the software, sometimes by the business commissioning the software. Either way, the RM can […]