Upcoming: appraisal of PDN article

I am currently writing an appraisal of the Pega Developer Network article titled “Getting Started with SmartBPM”.

You can see the article itself on the PDN but you will probably need to use Internet Explorer.

I’m preparing the appraisal as a certified Pega Business Architect and Methodology Black Belt. An extract:

The author aims to provide an appraisal of the Pega Developer Network article “Getting Started with SmartBPM”, based on his experiences working on Pega projects in the field. Furthermore, the author will provide an alternative “Getting Started” guide, which will address any perceived shortcomings of the PDN article.

Note that Pega clearly states that the methodology is adaptable and that the phase information is an outline only, therefore some of the author’s suggestions are nothing more than an adaption and some are only a detailing of what is currently in outline form.

This is the layout I am planning to use for my alternative guide:

Watch this space.

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