Process Exercise: 6/6

Here is a re-cap of my approach to modelling a To Be process:

Part 1: we modelled the As Is change control process in order to understand the current business model.

Part 2: we reminded ourselves to be sensitive to the fact that the customer owns the process.

Part 3: we documented the customer’s strategic goals and interviewed the stakeholders to understand each perspective on the As Is process.

Part 4: we used the information gleaned in the previous parts to draw both high level and low level versions of the To Be model.

Part 5: we took our understanding of the strategic objectives and the To Be process to produce a set of high level system requirements. In the real world, this stage is often not executed by the same people who produced the To Be process model. What is more, production of the HLSRs sits outside the system development lifecycle, because they are used as the basis for choosing the technology and the solution provider.

Of course, this series of posts makes sense to me because I can do it already. If you are trying to learn and any of my points are not clear, please let me know. It is not up to you to get my point, it is up to me to make it.

And if spot any errors or potential improvements in my diagrams, then definitely let me know!

Kind regards,

Declan Chellar

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