Introduction to the BPMN 2.0 Level 1 Palette

The slide deck below is an introduction for process modelers to the Level 1 Palette of shapes for Business Process Modelling Notation 2.0.

When I was new to the BPMN palette years ago, I used it as I had used any other process flowcharting palette previously, i.e., I used the shapes as I saw fit. I did not realise that each shape has a specific semantic and that there is a specification behind the notation that is managed by the Object Management Group. Once I realised that I couldn’t just make it up as I went along, I sought out training and certification, which I achieved with Bruce Silver, BPMN Yoda and author of “BPMN Method and Style“.

If you are new to BPMN, I hope this slide deck will be useful as an introduction to how to use the shapes of the Level 1 Palette.

Note that I have updated the slide deck (it’s now version 1.3), so if you’ve seen it before, you might like to have another look.

Kind regards.

Declan Chellar

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