October 6th, 2006


Well, here is my ballog, the main purpose of which is to rant about anything that’s on my mind. Feel free to challenge my thoughts. I hope my motto will be: “Everything I think I know may be wrong.” If I may be pompous enough to quote Plato (who claimed to be quoting Soctrates): “I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.”

By now you’re wondering why I’m using “ballog” instead of “blog”. First, let me explain that the emphasis is on the first syllable, thus: ba-llog. This follows the ancient Dublin tradition of shoving an extra syllable into English words; e.g., fill-im (film), poo-el (pool) and hoo-er (whore).

On the subject of my name, many people ask how I got it. Well, one day years ago, my friend Manahan The Magnificent saw an ad on TV in which one character addresses the other as “Nobby”. The next day, MTM found me, characteristically, on a pinball machine and shouted “Hello, Nobby” and it stuck. I have no idea why. Anyway, years later, I added the prefix “The Great”, because I am.

Below is the ad that started it all.

All the best.

The Great Nobby

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