Sardines in The Joy

June 12th, 2009


I am somewhat bemused by a news report on the RTE website about violence among prisoners in Mountjoy Prison. The article implies that the violence is related to overcrowding at the prison.

I believe that prisons should do what they can to rehabilitate criminals so as to minimise the risk of repeat offences and part of that rehabilitation should be reasonable living conditions, so I do I think the authorities should be taking steps to ease overcrowding, perhaps by building another prison.

However, the people really to blame for overcrowding in prisons are the criminals.

If you are unhappy about overcrowding in The Joy, stop breaking the law, yiz gobshites!

2 Responses to “Sardines in The Joy”

  1. wychwoodon 14 Jun 2009 at

    I’m wondering about that batteries-filled-sock on the head. I feel it was premeditated.

    But I do really like the headline of this piece.

  2. Declan Chellaron 15 Jun 2009 at

    It should be a song, really.

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