What seems to be the problem?

April 16th, 2009


Insultant Rowan Manahan has an excellent post on what your options are when your boss asks for details about why you were off sick, even though you have provided a doctor’s note.

Here is my take on the scenario.

Boss: [firmly] So what exactly was wrong with you?
Me: [gently] I believe the doctor’s note provides all the appropriate information.
Boss: Yes, but I need more details.
Me: Why do you need those details?
Boss: A lot of people are faking illness these days and I want to be certain you were really ill.
Me: I’m sure you don’t mean to imply that either I was lying to my doctor or, perhaps more seriously, that my doctor is lying to you.
Boss: [slightly flustered] Of course not, I just need to understand the details.
Me: And what would you do with those details?
Boss: What?
Me: I mean, in the first place, are you qualified to understand them and interpret them on a medical level, and in the second place how can I be certain you will keep my medical information confidential?
Boss: [with indignation] Well, of course I would keep it confidential!
Me: It’s just that my doctor can be struck off for divulging my medical information.
Boss: So?
Me: Well, can you lose your job and never work as a boss again if you, accidentally of course, let slip some of my intimate details to your assistant?
Boss: Erm, no.
Me: You see my dilemma, don’t you?
Boss: Well…
Me: I tell you what, since I don’t really understand the details (it’s all medical gobbledegook to me), here’s my doctor’s phone number. I’m sure he can explain what you need to know.
[coughs into hand then offers handshake to boss]
Will that be all then?

Im not really sure what the problem is. The doctor said it was some kind of viral infection.

I'm not really sure what the problem is. The doctor said it was some kind of viral infection.

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  1. wychwoodon 16 Apr 2009 at

    Nice scenario with the increasingly nerve-racked boss, but that photo will stay with me (shudder) for awhile.

    I just saw this:

    A happy mix of Greek and Irish in Britain. :)
    Hope you enjoy it.

  2. GODon 27 Apr 2009 at


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