I get those two confused all the time

December 24th, 2008


Gay and lesbian organisations around the world have been up in arms this week because of comments made by Liza Minelli which could be interpreted as homophobic.

It seems that in her end of year address Ms. Minelli said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction. Naturally, the gay icons legions of fans felt shocked, horrified and betrayed and their reaction was understandable considering the high esteem in which they previously held the singer.


This just in: it wasn’t Liza Minelli at all. It was the Pope!

Well, what the hell did you expect, gays and lesbians? He’s the Pope. He’s supposed to come out with stuff like that.

Get over it!

3 Responses to “I get those two confused all the time”

  1. wychwoodon 30 Dec 2008 at

    Oh my goodness! THE HAT is back!

    (I couldn’t think of where else to put this comment).

    Welcome back Santa Hat and Pompom!

  2. Declan Chellaron 30 Dec 2008 at

    Of course, after Christmas people will wonder what the hell that comment was about. :)

  3. wychwoodon 02 Jan 2009 at

    Hmm, both characters you mention are, in fact, in their pictures, behatted.

    So I claim future relevance for that comment.:)

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