More support for parents travelling with toddlers

December 20th, 2008


Regular readers of my ballog will be aware that I am sensitive to the plight of parents travelling with small children.

Last night I was on a flight from Luton to Madrid and there were several couples with small children on board. I assumed they were Spanish people, living in the UK and heading home for Christmas.

Anyway, most of the children were content for the initial part of the flight, but as time went on, of course, they got cranky. They were bored, they couldn’t run around and they were tired (although I think they could have shown some appreciation for the fact that every seat is an “extra leg room” seat in their case). Naturally, several of them started crying and I felt sorry for them. I wouldn’t be happy in their circumstances either.

Then I thought, “Toddlers are around the same size as carry-on luggage, and seeing as they are already miserable anyway…”

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