Racism in Ireland

November 7th, 2006


Despite my mixed parentage (Irish/Sri Lankan) and English birth, I consider myself 100% Irish and growing up in Ireland I saw the racist face of some of the Irish at an early age. The Irish have always been considered hospitable and eager to welcome foreigners. However, I’ve long been of the opinion that this would be true as long as they were tourists, not staying and not plentiful.

Now, it seems, I was right. According to recent research, 35% of foreign nationals have been racially harassed on the streets of Ireland. Black people in particular have suffered racial insults.

In response, I would mention two names to any Irish people who participate in such behaviour: Phil Lynott and Paul McGrath.

Here’s a further thought for you: there isn’t a single person living on the island of Ireland who is not descended from immigrants.

Dublin, 986 AD

3 Responses to “Racism in Ireland”

  1. blargon 01 Nov 2011 at

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  2. Rowan Manahanon 03 Jan 2012 at

    Clearly this fine scribe is uncomfortable with the closeness of his DNA to that of a chimpanzee …

    Holy fuckballs, extraordinary to think that such creatures exist out there; I literally cannot remember the last time I met someone of that ilk.

  3. Declan Chellaron 04 Jan 2012 at

    Thanks for your thoughts. I feel it is important to get various points of view.

    I didn’t want your comment just to be buried in here, though, so it enjoys its own post:


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