North Korea’s Secret Weapon

October 31st, 2006


This year has seen North Korea in the news quite a lot as Kim Jong Il’s plans to turn his country into a nuclear power came to fruition.

Last July, he caused major consternation when he tested the Taepodong-2 ballistic missile. The missile crashed into the sea of Japan seconds after launch, causing some to poo-poo North Korea’s efforts. However, many believe that the splash down was deliberate. After all, North Korea would not easily be able to retrieve its technology if it came down in international waters. At the time, all eyes were on Korea and there were many threats of sanctions.

We fast forward to October, and North Korea conducts an underground test of a small nuclear bomb. Due to the small size of the explosion, some believed it was a large conventional explosion masquerading as a nuclear one. However, the USA conducted radiation tests and confirmed that it had been a nuclear blast. There was a mad flurry of activity in the UN and more sanctions have been threatened.

All of this activity got me thinking. These tests were not conducted in secret. The North Koreans seemed keen for the world to see what they were up to. The whole thing smacked of misdirection to me, so I began to look elsewhere. After many hours of studying surveillance photos, it suddenly occurred to me. Kim Jong Il’s secret missile programme was being hidden in plain sight. He has silos all over the place, some within yards of South Korea.

I have managed to uncover secret footage of test launches from these silos. Click here for the footage that will shake the world to its very foundations.

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    I’ve found the real me.

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