Consideration for parents

August 8th, 2008


I’ve just got off a flight from the UK and seated behind me was a mother and her two children aged roughly three and six.

She did a great job of managing them during the flight and the toddler only kicked my seat around twenty times (although the mother did yank on the back of my seat several times as she got in and out of their row).

Anyway, I began to think of how many things I have to remember when I am just trying to get myself out of the house and to the airport, so how much harder must it be for a mother on her own, trying to remember all of those things and get two small children ready. She couldn’t possibly think of everything. It occurred to me that I could do more to help, perhaps by carrying one or two essentials that the travelling and weary parent might have forgotten.

So next time, I’m carrying a roll of duct-tape in my hand luggage.

3 Responses to “Consideration for parents”

  1. wychwoodon 11 Aug 2008 at

    You know, I’ve tried several times to comment on this thought-provoking post but each time I was mesmerised by that whacking great roll of duct tape. It’s very…compelling.

    However, it does occur to me that your sympathetic attitude to single parents and your readiness to help them and their children should be more widespread :).

  2. Kevon 11 Aug 2008 at

    great post

  3. Declan Chellaron 11 Aug 2008 at

    Duct tape comes in big rolls. I can help a lot of parents with one of those.

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