Calm urged after Turkey arrests

July 2nd, 2008


Calm urged after Turkey arrests

Those turkeys, they get cocky in the summer because Christmas is far away, then they get boisterous and wild (geddit?) and the police have to be brought in.

Or maybe they were just pissed off over the Turkey book insult.

4 Responses to “Calm urged after Turkey arrests”

  1. Geri Atricon 03 Jul 2008 at

    I like turkeys – they remind me of blogs. Someone posts something interesting and there is a sudden ‘flock’ of comments like the gobbling of turkeys and then all goes quiet again! Nobby, did you see the amount of comments Heather Armstrong got on got for her last but one article ‘my heart’s beating like a rabbit’? Imagine if they were all turkeys gobbling at once….That would be some Christmas feast!

  2. Declan Chellaron 03 Jul 2008 at

    That’s an amazing number of comments, but I guess as she normally gets several hundred anyway and she was giving away Nintendo Wiis, then it’s not surprising!
    Now what can I give away…

  3. Geri Atricon 04 Jul 2008 at

    LOL! I imagine the folk who subscribed to that article are wishing they hadn’t!

    Pity you can’t bottle the Spanish sun and give that away.

  4. Declan Chellaron 04 Jul 2008 at

    Ah, but you can and they do! It’s called Rioja.

    No, I’m not giving that away, but only because it would cost too much to send in the post!

    Seriously though, I know only some people who visit here actually comment. I had been using Stat Counter, but that stopped working months ago.

    Perhaps a giveaway contingent on people’s commenting on a particular post would give me a clearer idea.

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