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June 26th, 2008

My friend E.M. Dillon has just finished re-writing his novel Time Spheres: Out of Time.

To quote from his web site:

Time Spheres is the story of Ellie and Robert Plantagenet, twelve-year-olds from Shropshire in England. One day, while on a trip to Ludlow Castle, they stumble into a confrontation between two time travellers. One of the travellers, a scientist named Samudra, takes the children under her protection and in the heat of the pursuit, must take them with her back in time.

Thus begin the twins’ adventures “out of time” as they join Samudra and her companion, an artificial intelligence named Callisto. Together they must hunt down the Meddler, a shape-shifting alien who has stolen the prototype time machine, and stop him before his actions end time itself.

Anyone who would like a sneak preview can pop over to his site or read it on Authonomy.

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