God is a bloke with Powerpoint

June 23rd, 2008

I received a chain e-mail today telling me how wonderful God is, providing the photos below as evidence of His magnificence. The sender also urged me to share the glory (or is that “Glory”?) of God by forwarding the e-mail to five others. I decided to go one better and post them here because I’m pretty sure I have at least five regular readers.

By the way, the sentient chicken scientists in the previous post are also God’s creation.

Anyway, marvel at the Glory of God!

But whatever you do, don’t go to www.worth1000.com and visit the Photoshop section and click on “Galleries” and then click on the letter “C” and then select the “Canvas Earth” selection of galleries!

And by the way, this photo here was created by God HIMSELF to test your faith…

Or maybe the Crocodile Rock photo is the original and this one was “Photoshopped” by atheists in a pathetic attempt to hide the miracle of God’s… you know… stuff.

Is it just me, or can any twat see at first glance that these pictures were manipulated, albeit by someone with skills, however ungodlike they might be?

This tells me that either the originator of the chain pulled a fast one on a bunch of gullible people or the originator of the chain is actually a theist, but is happy to lie in order to make his God seem even greater.

Because, you know, actual rock formations just aren’t great enough.

6 Responses to “God is a bloke with Powerpoint”

  1. wychwoodon 23 Jun 2008 at

    Well I’m sure it is a mark of faith to believe that God provided Photoshop, and that is marvel enough for me.

  2. Grannymaron 24 Jun 2008 at

    There was I thinking it was all your own work ;)

  3. Declan Chellaron 24 Jun 2008 at

    I’m afraid not, GM. The chicken-headed scientists is the extent of my skill with Photoshop. :)

  4. Geri Atricon 24 Jun 2008 at

    Hi, Nobby – I’ve just peeped in from Grannymar’s blog to have a little nose around and couldn’t believe my eyes! I think the last photo is the manipulated one, because the lad is the only ‘object’ not made of stone. It’s the only logical explanation…(ahem…have I won a prize)?

  5. Declan Chellaron 24 Jun 2008 at

    Of course, you do! Every commenter gets a virtual kiss from me. XXX

  6. wychwoodon 25 Jun 2008 at

    Simply put, rocks rock *sage nod*.

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