Chickens ‘unlock allergy secrets’

June 22nd, 2008


Chickens ‘unlock allergy secrets’

“Scientists have turned to chickens to help them understand why some people are struck down by severe allergies.”

I always suspected chickens were a lot more intelligent than we gave them credit for.

Gary Larson where are you when we need you most?

2 Responses to “Chickens ‘unlock allergy secrets’”

  1. wychwoodon 23 Jun 2008 at

    I have never ever doubted the power of the chook.

    “Chook” is an Australian slang term for chickens.
    Since most Australians are descended from the Irish, there must be an Irish lexical link to this term. I’m sure Mr. Nobby knows of this mysterious link and can duly oblige with an explanation…?

  2. Declan Chellaron 23 Jun 2008 at

    Erm… I would have thought it was just a corruption of “chick”.

    The Irish for chicken is “eireog” or “sicín” and for chicken meat is “sicín” or “circeoil”.

    Not sure how that helps though.

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