Sharon S-Doh!-ne

May 31st, 2008

It is reported that during an interview in Cannes, Sharon Stone spoke about the recent earthquake in China and China’s treatment of Tibet.

She wondered out loud whether the earthquake was some kind of karmic retribution for China’s treatment of Tibetans.

I have to wonder about the mind that considers the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents to be an appropriate balance to the behaviour of a non-democratic government.

It seems Ms. Stone later regretted her remarks.

“I had absolutely no intention of saying that, which I did say, and now, looking at it on the tape, I look like a complete ding-dong.”

Actually, she looked great. She just sounded like a ding-dong, not least because of the barely coherent way in which she enunciated the rubbish that came out of her mouth.

So really she was more concerned about how she came across, rather than recognising that what she said was insensitive, cruel, ignorant in its understanding of what the term “karma” actually means in Buddhism and, perhaps one could say, utter bollocks.

She regretted that her words had been misunderstood. Misunderstood?

“Tens of thousands of innocent people have died, but that’s fair enough because their government are a shower of bastards.” Hard to misunderstand that.

3 Responses to “Sharon S-Doh!-ne”

  1. Aprilon 01 Jun 2008 at

    Yep, it’s the media’s fault. It’s everyone fault but Sharon Stone’s.

    First of all, she wasn’t misunderstood. What’s to misunderstand? She said that the earthquake in China was karma for the Chinese goverment’s human rights abuses. Period!! There’s nothing in that sentence that could possibly be misunderstood.

    Second of all, the only reason that she is apologizing is because she’s being hit where it hurts, her wallet. I don’t believe for one second that she’s sorry for what she said. She’s only sorry that she got caught, that she’s lost a job, and that her movies will not be shown in certain theaters across Asia because of what she said.

  2. Laszloon 01 Jun 2008 at

    Well I think Sharon Stone was kind of right about karma and all…being a good friend of the Dalai Lama.

    After all the Chinese have told her to:


    I guess her bottom line is more important than any integrity. She is a Hollywood hypocrite who jumps into the ban wagon for any publicity just like Richard Gere. What’s so holly about a gerbil anyways? Just more people who claim they are on a moral high ground… Don’t we know too many of these already?

  3. Stevenon 01 Jun 2008 at

    I really don’t care what Sharon the porn star has said. Porn star is a porn star. In Cannes she should take about films or porns, nothing else.

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