Seven new mortal sins

March 11th, 2008


It seems the Vatican has announced seven new mortal sins. That means seven sins for which you will be sent to hell for all eternity. Here they are, as reported by the BBC:

Environmental pollution
So if I fart, I go to hell?

Genetic manipulation
That’s all you pedigree rose breeders out there set for eternal damnation, not to mention Father Gregor Mendel.

Accumulating excessive wealth
Excessive by whose standards? Does that mean Bill Gates is damned even though he has given billions to good causes? What if you’re a member of an organisation that accumulates excessive wealth, like, I don’t know… a large religious organisation?

Inflicting poverty
Well, that’s most non Third World countries screwed in one fell swoop.

Drug trafficking and consumption
Like, wine, for example. Bit of an oversight on the Vatican’s part, I feel.

Morally debatable experiments
If they are debatable, how can they be punishable by an eternity in hell?

Violation of fundamental rights of human nature
Is it a fundamental human right not to spend an eternity in hell as punishment for God-given human faults?

Jessica Hagy has it Indexed.

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