People in glass houses

March 4th, 2008


So there’s this friend of mine and he was sitting at home with his family, minding his own business, when some fucker from across the street lobs a rock through his front window, leaving a nasty gash on his daughter’s forehead.

Naturally, my friend was pissed off, although he didn’t seem to grasp a connection between the fact that the land on which he built his sumptuous house used to belong to the people across the street and now they live in shacks, basically because he kicked them out. He thinks that’s beside the point.

Anyway, the problem is that my friend had no idea who was lobbing rocks at his house, so got one of those American machines that fires baseballs and he started lobbing loads of rocks at the shanty town across the street. Needless to say, lots of people who had nothing to do with throwing rocks at his house got hurt.

My friend seems to be under the impression that if he lobs enough rocks back, the smart arse on the other side of the street will give up, but I think he’s just making more people from the shanty town want to lob rocks at his family.

I kind of feel if he spent less money on machines that lob rocks and spent some on improving living conditions in the shanty town across the street, people there would be less inclined to fling nasty objects at his land (that’s the land that used to belong to them, remember).

Still, there’s no talking to him, or the bloke from across the street either. One’s as bad as the other.

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  1. wychwoodon 07 Mar 2008 at

    More light might be thrown on the dispute between these rock-lobbing blokes by starting here at:

  2. wychwoodon 07 Mar 2008 at

    This also provides some useful history:
    (from the same book, but even more specific)

  3. Declan Chellaron 07 Mar 2008 at

    My response grew so long I decided to make it a post in its own right.

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