My favourite time of the day

January 12th, 2008

My favourite time of the day is those few moments in the dark between my head hitting the pillow and falling asleep.

Because I have enough to eat (too much, in fact), clothes to wear and a roof over my head, those few moments are moments of security. Whatever trials the day has brought have passed and whatever tribulations tomorrow may bring have not yet come. For those few moments, I am my own man. Nothing is expected of me. There is nothing I am supposed to do but fall asleep.

In those few moments of comfort, in the darkness, it would make no difference if I were a billionaire or streetsweeper. In the darkness I would be able to see neither my wealth nor my lack of it. It would make no difference whether I had servants or cars or herds of race horses for I would not be able to see them nor touch them.

In those few moments, I no longer have to dance to avoid the clumsy feet of overly ambitious people, or often, simply insecure people. Those are equalising moments. Moments when the highness or lowness of my job title matter not. There is just my pillow, my covers, and me.

In those few moments, I am totally alone with myself, without the clamour of other people demanding attention. Those are the moments when I can think what I choose to think, not what other people want me to focus on.

In those few moments, there is no difference between the me I am now and the me I was forty years ago. My thoughts can be as trivial and as inconsequential and as fanciful as they were when I was a small child.

In those few moments, I am me.

2 Responses to “My favourite time of the day”

  1. Rowan Manahanon 13 Jan 2008 at

    Wow! Stunning.

  2. wychwoodon 14 Jan 2008 at

    Aah…. A timely reminder of one of the best of life’s delights.

    And a bright and happy Elton-Johnish 2008 to you too, Mr C!

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