Happy Birthday Jesus

December 30th, 2007


The town of Bethlehem is situated in the West Bank. In that town there is a Christian church called the Church of the Nativity, supposedly built over the grotto where Jesus was born. This church is shared by three different Christian factions, viz, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian, and it would seem that the church is sectioned off for each faction. I use the word “faction” deliberately and you’ll see why if you continue reading.

Each year priests and worshippers from all three factions come together to worship at the birthplace of their Christ but this year, they had an interesting way of worshipping their saviour. Deacons and priests from the Greek Orthodox and Armenian factions started fighting each other with brooms during cleaning of the church because someone from the Greek Orthodox side wanted to put a ladder over the Armenian section of the church. Spitting in Jesus’s face on the event of his birthday. Charming. I think this calls for a “Dear God”.

The irony for me was not that Christian priests were fighting each other at the birthplace of the “Prince of Peace”, but that they were separated by Palestinian police. That’s right, Muslims!

Curious aside: while looking into this story, I looked for Bethlehem on Google maps, but only got a result within the USA. So I looked up Israel. The curious thing was that on the map of Israel, Gaza, the Golan Heights and the West Bank, there are no towns or features. It’s one big blank.

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