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December 12th, 2007

I spotted a photo article on the BBC news website today entitled “Day in pictures”. I’ve decided to be cheeky (Who? Me?) and make up my own captions.

In Pakistan, the police have employed Ninjas to keep an eye on Benazir Bhutto.

An Indian extreme sports enthusiast had a lucky escape by landing in a muddy river after both his main parachute and his backup inverted during his descent.

Japan’s leading karaoke conductor practises (you have to be a bit educated to get this one… karaoke means “empty orchestra”).

Photographic evidence is found that oil pollution is not caused by leaks from tankers, but is in fact spread by two blokes, dressed as ducks, with huge shovels.

Africa celebrates its first Gay Pride day with a brightly coloured military fancy dress parade (note the third bloke along copping a sneaky look).

Bored US troops in Iraq invent the game of “Pin the 9mm on the Donkey”.

Prince Charming tries the slippers on the two ugly sisters and finds to his relief that they don’t fit. What must Cinderella’s feet be like?

And finally, Santa makes a mental note to avoid inviting children who are suffering from the common cold after one of them sneezes heavily.

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