Dear God…

July 30th, 2007


How come Your followers can’t share Jerusalem?

Answers via e-mail or burning bush, please.

3 Responses to “Dear God…”

  1. Mongoon 06 Aug 2007 at

    For the same reason football supporters can’t share Merseyside…

    They’re wankers

    – God

  2. wychwoodon 26 Aug 2007 at

    I didn’t quite understand this question – all followers of all religions already are free to worship in Jerusalem, and do worship in Jerusalem.
    They are relentless in their varied forms of God-worship and will not be denied their theistic desires!

  3. Declan Chellaron 28 Aug 2007 at

    Muslims, Christians and Jews do indeed worship in Jerusalem.

    My point was more about the desire to own and control Jerusalem.

    This so-called spiritual city is currently “owned”, through force of arms, by Israel. Throughout history it has changed hands through force of arms, constantly being fought over by people who, ostensibly, believe in the same God.

    That’s spirituality for you.

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