Get that cat out of here!

July 26th, 2007


It seems there’s a nursing home in the USA that has a resident cat. The cat isn’t so friendly with patients until they are about to die, then it curls up next to them. I guess it’s a sort of feline banshee.

What are the odds that the most common utterance when the cat appears in someone’s room is: “Oh, shit!”


 Bonus points if you can tell me what film the title of this post comes from.

2 Responses to “Get that cat out of here!”

  1. Giannaon 28 Jul 2007 at

    The Man with Two Brains! Bonus points, please. One of Steve Martin’s best, but not as good as The Jerk, in my humble opinion.

  2. Declan Chellaron 30 Jul 2007 at

    Damn! I’m actually going to have to come up with a points system now.

    Anyway, well done, Gianna. It was indeed The Man with Two Brains. A fine film but, as you say, not as fine as The Jerk.

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